“I relish winter, snow and the cold.”

“I’m a bit of an adventurer – I love the challenge of camping in the snow. My biggest passion is four-wheel driving and camping across this beautiful country,” says Richard, Aboriginal Specialist – Senior Client Service Officer for Housing NSW.

“I like packing my backpack and walking into the bush for several days at a time.”

When Richard isn’t out traversing across snow, you’ll find him in warmer weather in the Nepean Blue Mountains District, where he works.

“One of my duties here is to ensure the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients and communities are understood, and that culturally appropriate services are provided. I support clients, including those with complex housing and support needs,” he explains.  

Richard also has a valuable coaching role to provide guidance to his fellow colleagues. 

“I’m able to share my knowledge and awareness with my colleagues. Through communication and training, their appreciation of Aboriginal culture and heritage increases,” he says. 

Richard is passionate about the fact that his work is not only making a difference in his client’s lives, but also to his colleagues’.

When he’s not at work or exploring the great outdoors, Richard likes to get involved in various DIY projects at home and for friends.

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