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“I enjoy the flexibility and opportunities in my role to test ideas and build analytic tools that can make a real difference to the way leaders plan and make decisions about the composition of their workforce.”

Scott Johnston is the Assistant Commissioner in the Performance and Analytics Division at the NSW Public Service Commission. Scott’s role involves analysing information and data on the NSW Government workforce and reporting on progress and performance of the sector.  

“It is incredibly fulfilling to support the whole of government effort to improve the diversity and performance of our workforce through providing a deep analytic view of what the sector looks like and the shape it will take in the future.”

Scott supports his team to create useful insights that help the sector understand some of its most challenging workforce problems and support the sector to deliver better outcomes for the people of NSW.

“I’m motivated to work for NSW, because it gives me the opportunity to use my capabilities to make a difference to how the country’s largest workforce employs, motivates and values its people.”

Outside of work, Scott is incredibly busy making the most of my spare time with family and friends while doing his best to stay fit and active and juggling full-time study.  

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