How search works

Getting started with your search

In the keyword or Job Reference/ID field, type a description of the kind of job you are looking for - such as a job title and or a skill or qualification.

This search is a keyword search. This means that when you type your search words without quotation marks around the phrase, the search will return job listings that contain at least one of those words in either the job title or description section of the advertisement.

You have the option to select search now. Alternatively, you can complete more fields to narrow your search before you select enter.

Searching for exact phrases

To find jobs containing an exact phrase, put double quotation marks around the words.

For example, type "Policy officer" to search for all jobs containing that phrase either in the title or the description field of the advertisement.

Searching for complex phrases

You can use complex phrases to fine-tune your search.

For example, to return all jobs that contain the term healthcare and either the word manager or director, type the following in the keyword or Job Reference field:

(manager OR director) AND healthcare.

To improve your results, you can continue to revise the search as follows:

(manager OR director) AND (healthcare) NOT sales.

Narrowing your search

If your search returns many jobs, you can try the following try adding more terms to the keyword or Job Reference/ID field and search again.

You can also exclude jobs containing certain keywords. Just type the word NOT before any terms you don't want. For example: contract NOT lawyer.

Broadening your search

To find all jobs that fit your interests, you may need to broaden your keyword search. One way is to use the word OR between terms. If you are looking for a management position, for example, you could enter: manager OR director. This will return all jobs that contain either the word manager or the word director.

Other search refinements which can be used separately or at the same time:

  • Select the Salary band option that reflects the level of salary you would like.
  • In the Location field, select the option(s) for where you would like to work.
  • Select the Job Category (ies) most closely aligned to the field you would like to be employed in.
  • Select the Government Agency / Organisation / entity you are interested in.
  • Select the Employment arrangement you would like to have.
  • Select the time period in which you would like to search for advertised vacancies by selecting the preferred option from the drop down list in the Advertising date field.

You can complete as many fields as you want to. You search will become more specific if you add in more fields.

Teaching jobs in NSW schools

To refine the search for vacancies in NSW schools a series of fields will be activated when NSW Schools is selected in the Organisation / Entity field.

The Staffing Area field allows you to select the area within NSW in which you would like to teach. The search will return schools with vacancies in the nominated area.