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“I relish learning and finding information.”

As Library Technician for the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, Carol's role isn’t one you’d hear about every day. 

“I provide access to published material for staff at three different agencies within the NSW Government,” Carol says.  

“My work varies and includes selecting and maintaining current, relevant information resources such as books, journals, research databases and news alert services.” 

Carol takes pride in the fact that her work provides valuable support in the promotion of good health among NSW Government staff.

”The support I provide enables the agencies to make informed, evidence-based decisions which directly impact the improvement of Workplace Health and Safety and Workers Compensation policies in NSW,” she explains.

The collaborative nature of her work and the opportunity to offer assistance to staff motivates Carol in her role.

“Staff members of the three agencies are very passionate about what they do and always appreciate when I can provide them with any assistance. They’re a pleasure to work with,” Carol says. 

After surrounding herself with information all day, Carol likes to unwind with a good movie after work. 

“I love movies. I try to see a new movie once a month,” she says.

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