“I enjoy seeing my work contribute to delivering high-quality patient care to our community.”

As Customer Service Officer for HealthShare NSW, Danica assists customers over the phone and assesses and approves requests in order to provide much-needed equipment to help those in our community with disabilities.

HealthShare NSW administers NSW Health disability support programs, helping thousands across the State gain access to equipment and attendant care so they can comfortably live at home and access their wider community.

It’s the opportunity to contribute to this vital service that Danica enjoys most about her role.

“I’m proud to enable our customers to get the help they need with everyday living,” she enthuses.

“I also love working with my team, who are a great bunch of people.”

Outside of her role as Customer Service Officer, Danica is also a qualified make-up artist.

“Health and wellbeing and travelling the world are a huge part of my life too,” she says.

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