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“I am passionate about ‘Closing the Gap’ in Australia, and have launched an initiative at school to increase Aboriginal education that is culturally and contextually relevant.”

In her role as Kindergarten Teacher for NSW Department of Education, Frances is championing Aboriginal education to help enrich and expand the minds of schoolchildren in our community.

“As an Aboriginal Yuin woman, I lead the school Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Committee. My role is to share Aboriginal education perspectives and assist teachers to embed them in the curriculum,” Frances explains.

On a daily basis, Frances builds confidence and inspires a love for learning in her 22 students through her “play-based learning” teaching philosophy, providing her students with many opportunities for hands-on learning experiences. 

Frances works collaboratively with other Kindergarten teachers on the planning and implementation of programs and learning for students in six key learning areas of the NSW syllabus. She also assesses and delivers developmental reports for each student, and builds professional relationships with parents and carers to foster connections with her students.

What Frances enjoys most about her role is seeing her young students learn and develop by the day, and working with a supportive team of like-minded staff.

“I really enjoy being with the youngest of school children. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day, with little children who are keen learners,” she says.

“It’s very important culturally for me to be close to the children and families as we work together to support learning in the classroom and school environment. I work with a great team of teachers within the Kindergarten classes of my school, and it’s extremely rewarding to see the growth of children not only academically, but also socially and emotionally as they develop during the year they spend in my classroom.”

Outside of work, Frances keeps busy with her own three young children. Her advocacy of Aboriginal education extends outside of her Kindergarten classroom too – she also supports adult Aboriginal university students in their studies to become teachers through tutoring and mentoring. Frances also loves travelling, and explored much of the world during her time with QANTAS before becoming a Kindergarten teacher. Her other passions include sewing, reading, exercising, and watching new release films.

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