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“My work is intellectually challenging and stimulating.”

“That’s one of the things I most appreciate about my job,” says Holger, Research Librarian for NSW Courts. 

In his role, Holger works to ensure stakeholders’ legal information needs are met so that they can perform their roles effectively.

“I’m responsible for assisting judicial officers, such as Judges, Magistrates and tribunal members, to find and use legal information for their cases. This includes finding and recommending cases, legislation, texts and commentary,” he explains. 

“We provide a world-class library and research service that fulfils information needs in a timely and efficient manner. We’re constantly improving and refining our service.” 

Holger works together with a team of judicial staff and other colleagues, and enjoys working with his supportive team in delivering information services to stakeholders. 

“They’re all great and I feel part of an excellent professional team,” he enthuses. 

Holger is all about sport outside of work. 

“I play soccer, box and rock climb,” he says.

And when he’s not out breaking a sweat, Holger relaxes with a good book or visits the theatre.

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