“In my work, I use cutting edge technology.”

“Using new 3D technologies is exciting,” says Ian, Vegetation Mapping Scientist for NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

“I get to use new technologies to identify areas of high conservation value throughout NSW.” 

Ian uses his skills to help monitor the current status and trends of the NSW environment, reporting on its health into the future for the benefit of the wider community.

“My role in science is to deliver data, research and expertise that enables credible decision-making and ensures a healthy future for NSW and its environment,” he explains. 

“My research is essential for governments and communities to make informed decisions in relation to our ecosystems and species.” 

Although Ian enjoys working with new technologies, he says the best part of his job is the field work it involves. 

“I travel around NSW to confirm the status of areas identified in the office, which gives me the privilege to see more of our spectacular countryside than most people could dream of,” he enthuses. 

Ian also loves exploring NSW outside of work, and spends his free time travelling and discovering new and unique places. 

“You’ll also find me renovating, cycling, fishing or undertaking study to expand my skills and experience,” he says.

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