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“I love music.”

“Music has been a lifetime career for me – I get to do what I love every day, and get paid for it as well,” John smiles.   

As Music Director for the Corrective Services NSW Band, John is responsible for the management and direction of 45 casual professional musicians. 

“We’re a major PR asset for Corrective Services NSW in promoting the culture, traditions and reputation of the organisation,” John says. 

John has over 31 years’ experience as a professional musician, and shares his talent alongside a group of other talented musicians to help staff and the wider community relax and unwind from the challenges of everyday life. 

“We support both staff and families of Corrective Services NSW through quality music and ceremony. The band has a growing reputation as a musical ensemble bringing wonderful music and entertainment to the Corrective Services family and the wider NSW community.” 

John’s passion for music extends outside of his work with Corrective Services NSW. 

“I’m also a classroom music teacher in Sydney,” he says.

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