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“Keep developing and growing.”

With over 20 years of experience in the NSW Police Force, Kellie has gained expertise in a wide variety of subjects.  

“I’ve undertaken many varied and interesting roles. In fact, the roles have ranged from general duties to crime analysis, liaison, child protection, HR, and performance evaluation,” she smiles.

“People external to the NSW Police Force most likely need to change companies or undertake further study to build such an array of varied careers – whereas I have the opportunity to do this all within one organisation.” 

Now, Kellie manages a team of five and works closely with the senior executive on NSW Police Force auditing and performance evaluation, while facilitating forums on current issues. 

Kellie is motivated in her work by seeing others around her grow and develop their skills to be able to take on new challenges.

“I enjoy encouraging people around me, both my own staff and other staff, to challenge themselves to grow and stretch their abilities. By challenging yourself and others, you continue to grow and find interest in your work. I believe it’s very important to encourage and nurture all employees, and to assist them in furthering their careers and in finding enjoyment in what they do,” Kellie enthuses.

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