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“I admire our students and their families.”

“Working with them every day gives me a great amount of personal and professional fulfilment. I’m fortunate to work at a wonderful school, and have great respect for my colleagues,” says Laura, Learning and Support Coordinator.

“I’m very proud of how the work we do as teachers reduces some of the risk factors that students present with when they arrive at school,” she adds. 

Laura strongly believes that education is a great equaliser, providing fair and equitable opportunities for all students. 

“It seeks to break disadvantage each and every day,” Laura says. 

On a daily basis, Laura manages the welfare of students and their families. She is responsible for supporting students in reaching their behavioural, social, emotional and academic goals. 

“Our role as teachers, although primarily to provide an excellent education, is also to look after the welfare of our students and their families, and to provide them with support, both within and outside of the school setting,” Laura explains.

Laura’s interests tend to revolve around family and work. She has two daughters who are very active in weekend sports and participate in lots of extra-curricular activities, keeping the whole family busy. 

“I also get a lot of satisfaction from study, and am currently enrolled in a Masters of Special Education (Sensory Disabilities) program,” she says.

“The NSW Government has been really supportive of my endeavours, and I recently received the Anthea Kerr Award, further supporting my career development.”

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