“There’s an ongoing need to develop innovative solutions.”

“I’m based in the major hub for research and development. There’s exciting work being done in Sheep Research and Development with regards to genetics and genomics,” says Luke, Technical Specialist Sheep Breeding for the NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development. 

“I work to ensure that the NSW sheep and wool industry is able to adopt technical information to help achieve higher productivity and profitability. This involves the development of projects with external funding bodies such as the Sheep CRC, Meat and Livestock Australia, and Australian Wool Innovation.” 

In his day-to-day work, Luke delivers expert advice on sheep genetics to the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Local Land Services and private service providers, ensuring that decision-makers have all the information they need to make informed choices. 

Luke is motivated in his work not only through his ability to make a difference to NSW’s sheep and wool industry, but also by the relationships he has forged with others in the industry.

“What makes me feel passionate about my work is my interaction with the sheep and wool industry and its amazing people. Through conversation, I gain a greater understanding of what their problems are and how we can provide solutions,” he relates enthusiastically. 

When he’s not working, Luke likes to take to sport to unwind. 

“Sport is a big outlet for me – I cycle, run and play rugby union.” 

Having a good work/life balance since joining NSW has enabled Luke to participate in the activities he enjoys, and to maintain his health and wellbeing. 

“I live a much healthier lifestyle that I previously found very difficult to maintain,” he says.

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