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“One of the aspects of my job that I’m most proud of is seeing that the tangible difference you make in people’s lives.”

““Ten years ago I left my job as a Marine Technician in the Royal Australian Navy to join the NSW Fire Service,” says Senior Fire Fighter, Jo.”

“There came a point in the navy when I wasn’t getting the career progression I was looking for and I wanted more stability in my life, so a friend recommended that I try out for the firies.”

“My training, qualifications, level of seniority and length of service from the navy all translated when I joined the public sector.”

As a Senior Fire Fighter, Jo’s job involves managing truck checks, cleaning and training, attending rescues and also being the first port of call for junior fire fighters.

“Joining the City of Sydney Fire Station was like joining a family of 3,000 people. The people I work with and our sense of mateship makes this the best job I’ve ever had,” he enthuses.

“That strong comradery is a big similarity between my job in the navy and my career in the NSW Fire Service. There is a brilliant community in our workplace and a good social life outside of work.”

One of the aspects of Jo’s job that he’s most proud of is seeing that the tangible difference you make in people’s lives.

“As a Fire Fighter you tend to meet people who are having the worst day of their year. You never know what you’re going to see, from factory fires, to animal rescue, to the total destruction and devastation of someone’s home. Every day we help people and every day we put our training in practice. I see the difference our work makes on communities and that gives me a real sense of fulfilment.”

“Sometimes I can’t believe this is an actual job that I am paid to do!”

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