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6 reasons to work for NSW

1. Make a contribution

Working for NSW is about more than just a job. It’s about the people we serve. It’s about building the future of our great State. Whether we’re shaping policy or handling enquiries, we all share the common goal of making NSW a great place to live for the 7.5 million people who form our community both now and into the future.

If you want your career to grow you – and to be more than turning a profit for an organisation – then you’ll find the career you’re looking for with us. The work you do for NSW will contribute to improving the lives of this generation and generations to come.

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2. Join a workforce that values diversity

The NSW Government is a proud employer of a diverse range of people. We are committed to reflecting the diverse community we serve and creating an inclusive workplace for all people, where everyone feels valued.

The strength of our workforce lies in its diversity and embracing difference, with the key to our success leveraging the contributions of employees with different backgrounds and perspectives. We need to grow and develop a talented and diverse workforce right across the sector, in a wide range of roles, and at all levels.

3. Explore new opportunities

We don’t want your career to stagnate – we want you to be engaged and motivated in your role. That’s why we’re putting the necessary systems and processes in place to enhance workforce mobility.

Working for the largest employer in Australia opens up unparalleled opportunities for mobility and experience. Many of our roles now focus on transportable capabilities. This will enable you to move within your agency or beyond it according to your interests, ambitions and capabilities as new opportunities become available. This means you’ll have more opportunities to learn from varied experiences through reassignments, transfers or secondments to different agencies within the Sector, or temporary assignments outside of the Sector.

4. Be part of something bigger

Working for NSW means belonging to a network of clever, capable professionals who are thinking about and responding to the changing needs of our community. It means embracing new challenges every day and learning from some of the nation’s best and brightest.

We are leaders, analysts, policy makers, educators… hundreds of thousands of professionals pooling our knowledge and skills toward a common goal. We work collaboratively to grow the economy, deliver infrastructure, protect the vulnerable, and improve health, education and other public services across NSW. Read the NSW State Priorities to find out about some of the initiatives you might be contributing to when you work for NSW.

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5. Grow your career

Continual learning and development is a key part of enjoying what you do and moving forward in your career. Our performance management framework encourages managers and employees to meet regularly to discuss progress, capabilities, ambitions and development opportunities. Together, you can identify the capabilities you need to get where you want to go, and put a plan in place to develop these capabilities.

We also have a series of programs in place to develop excellence in leadership. The NSW Leadership Academy is our most recent initiative, designed to create a pipeline of future leaders for the Sector starting at a pre-executive level.


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6. Make time for what counts

We know that maintaining a positive work/life balance is an important part of staying engaged and productive at work. Whether you want to make more time for family and friends or to pursue further study, we want to help you make it happen.

The majority of our departments and agencies have flexible work arrangements in place. More information regarding flexible work arrangements is available on the NSW Public Service Commission website.

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