Different ways to join the sector

There are multiple ways to join us in working for the people of NSW. You can apply for individual roles through the job search, or you can apply for opportunities through these alternative methods. Some of these specifically help people with disability.

Talent pools

A talent pool is a group of applicants who have been assessed and identified as suitable for certain roles. Being placed in a talent pool gives you opportunities to be considered for roles over an 18 month period. Depending on the type of talent pool you are placed in, you can be considered for roles within specific agencies or across NSW Government.

NSW Public Service Talent Pools

The NSW Public Service talent pools are sector-wide talent pools that allow candidates to be considered for a wide range of roles across NSW Government.

Typically there is one Public Service talent pool created at a certain grade per year. When applications are open, it will be advertised on I work for NSW. If you have registered your interest you’ll be notified via email.

To be placed in a talent pool, you will first need to submit an application and complete some online tasks. If you are successful, you will be invited to attend a virtual assessment centre which typically consists of an interview and activity. All assessments are aligned with the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework, which describes the capabilities and associated behaviours expected of all NSW Public Service employees, at every level and in every organisation.

If you require an adjustment to the assessment process, you will have an opportunity to request this during the application process. You can also contact the Public Service Commission at any time during the recruitment process to request an adjustment.

We are not currently recruiting for any Public Service talent pools, but you can register to be notified when we are accepting applications for new talent pools.

Agency talent pools

Agencies may advertise for their own talent pools if they know they will be recruiting in future. Agencies may also create talent pools when they are recruiting for a specific role and more than one candidate has met requirements. To be placed in an agency talent pool, you will need to apply for the specific job posting and complete the recruitment process.

Disability employment services (DES) providers

DES providers are organisations experienced in supporting people with disability. Working with an employment provider can help people with disability get ready for and find roles.

You will still need to apply for roles through our website, and go through our recruitment process, with additional support if needed.

Find out more about disability employment providers.