Types of jobs available

There are thousands of different jobs done by our employees, from teachers, to park rangers and research scientists. Our employees bring their individual skills, knowledge, and background to leading and innovative workplaces. All these different jobs and people help contribute to making NSW a better place to live and work.

Here are some stories of the important and diverse work being done across the public sector with and for communities.

Working with the community to deliver better services

Isabella Wallington, Revenue NSW

Isabella leads the Hardship Support Program at Revenue NSW, ensuring the NSW Government fines system does not disproportionately impact our most vulnerable citizens.  Isabella, and her team, work with vulnerable youth, First Nations people and the services that support them to design solutions together to reduce the impact of fines and penalties. The impact of fines and penalties can be greater on people who experience serious financial, medical or other personal difficulties and the team’s work ensures that our fines system is not contributing to the cycle of disadvantage. By putting our customers at the heart of our thinking and designing solutions with the community, we identify where to intervene to provide fair resolutions and improve our services and outcomes.

Protecting endangered species

Wollemi Pine Protection Operation, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service 

The Wollemi Pine are considered ‘living fossils’ and date back to the time of dinosaurs yet were only discovered in 1994. With less than 100 mature Wollemi Pine trees surviving in a remote gorge in the Blue Mountains, and they are considered critically endangered. During the 2020 bushfire season staff from the National Parks and Wildlife Service jumped into action to protect the Pines from catastrophic fires. They quickly assembled a specialist team and developed a plan that was implemented in collaboration with the Rural Fire Service. Over five weeks, the team utilised specialist firefighting skills and successfully protected the Pines from the worst of the fires, with all crews remaining safe.  By collaborating across different agencies and departments we can learn from each other and work together to achieve great results.

Supporting our vulnerable communities

Naomi Wynn, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Naomi leads delivery of the NSW Government's energy social programs, which provides over $330 million per annum in cost-of-living assistance to around one million vulnerable NSW households. She works closely with other sector partners, like Service NSW, to lead programs which use digital solutions to address energy problems. When we develop easy to use digital solutions, it means the community spends less time having to tell government their issues multiple times and helps us to deliver solutions and services quickly.

Responding quickly to crisis

Kate Boyd, Department of Premier & Cabinet

Kate is the Deputy Secretary, General Counsel at the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and is the principal legal advisor to the Premier and the Secretary. Kate’s role in preparing public health and other emergency orders was critical in the NSW Government’s response to COVID-19 and the 2020 bushfires. When natural disasters and crises occur, it is important that we are able to mobilise to help the community as best we can and as quickly as possible.

Supporting the economy after natural disasters 

Kevin Dodds Department of Primary Industries 

After bushfires tore through Batlow and Bilpin in January 2020, it was critical that our people step up to help the community. This also means supporting local regional businesses to get operational again without delay. In 2020 Kevin contacted all apple growers in the region to ensure their personal wellbeing and understand what the impacts of the fires would be to the fresh food and tourism industry. Kevin quickly established communication channels with producers to share important information with them on available assistance and technical advice on tree recovery from fire. Since the fires, Kevin has worked as part of a research team studying the impact of fires on apple trees and assisted the recovery of orchard growers.  When we work closely with community, we are helping them with any problems they may have now, but also need to be innovative and make sure that we stay ahead of future problems, or the same ones occurring again.

Managing our health and safety

Louise Howard, Sydney Metro

Louise manages the health and safety team at Sydney Metro. Louise and her team work to ensure all the people working across a portfolio of mega projects are safe when they are at work. Protecting health and safety of our people is more than just a legal obligation, and Louise has worked hard to do more and push the industry to excel. Sydney Metro is now known as the safest program of infrastructure built in NSW. Collaboration and good communication are keys to success for most projects but are especially important when we’re keeping our people safe at work.

Supporting Veterans to work with NSW

Nigel C, NSW Telco Authority

Nigel participated in one of our Veteran’s Employment Program workshops in late 2020. The workshops help veterans to apply for roles in the NSW government, bringing their valuable skills and experiences from their time in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with them. For Nigel, the workshops helped him address the Capability Framework in his applications and provided him with the relevant tools and insights to apply for roles which matched his skillsets. After applying for a role where a talent pool was being created, Nigel was placed in a talent pool and was then offered a role within the NSW government. Diversity of experience in our staff ensures we can better work with the community of NSW and support ADF personnel to transition to new roles with the NSW government.