Finding the right job

The NSW Government is Australia’s largest employer. We have jobs available in many different agencies and locations. We look for the right candidates for roles by focusing on your capabilities, experience, strengths and potential.

We want you to find a job that matches with your passions and interests. Think about these, along with your skills and experience, to decide which jobs are right for you.


Understanding job ads

Our job ads have a lot of important information including some things you might not be familiar with. We describe employment based on its duration:

  • Ongoing employment – jobs where there is no end date.
  • Term employment – jobs for senior executives that are for a limited time or purpose.
  • Temporary employment – jobs for non-executives that are for a limited time or purpose.
  • Casual employment – jobs for non-executives that may:
    • be short-term
    • have irregular hours
    • have no guarantee of hours
    • have no paid sick leave or annual leave
    • end without notice.

The ad will also include information on:

  • the hiring agency
  • the job
  • what we are looking for in the ideal candidate
  • how to apply.

The contact person listed in the ad can help you with any specific information you need and answer questions about the role.


Flexible working

The NSW Government commits to flexible working for all roles. The availability of flexible working options will depend on the requirements of the job you are applying for. Flexible working means making a change to when or where you work, or how you arrange your work. Flexible working options are things like:

  • adjusting start and finish times
  • working remotely
  • job sharing
  • part-time work.

The job ad may mention options for flexible working. Otherwise, speak to the job’s contact person about options or opportunities.


Mobility and career development

We use the term mobility when employees move jobs within the NSW Government.

When you are in a role you may express your interest in other roles. These could be at the same or higher level and could be at the same workplace or a different one.

Moving to different roles can be a good way to broaden your skills and experience to develop your career.