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Information for graduates with disability

We’re committed to providing more opportunities and welcoming more students with disability.

People with disability are under-represented in the NSW public sector workforce and have the potential to add valuable skills and perspectives to our sector. Hiring people with disability allows government agencies to tap into a wider talent pool and benefit from incorporating the lived experience of people into the development of policies and services that directly impact people with disability.

The Australian Disability Network nationally recognises and accredits our Graduate Program’s recruitment practices.

If you have a disability you can request adjustments in each step of the recruitment process. There is no obligation to share or record the exact nature of your disability or health condition as part of this process.


We encourage students with disability applying to the Graduate Program to request adjustments at any stage of the recruitment process if needed. Recruitment practices can be adjusted to provide all applicants a fair opportunity. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Some examples of adjustments include:

  • Adapting the assessment format, such as:
    • allowing the candidate to respond to interview questions in writing
    • providing students with vision impairment a phone assessment instead of an online assessment
    • completing ability tests using paper and pen/pencil instead of online
    • longer break times between activities
  • Supporting candidates to use their own laptop or assistive technology
  • Checking the interview, time, assessments and room meets individual needs – good lighting, reduced noise, interview seating arrangements
  • Providing information in requested formats or providing additional time for a student to process information.

When applying for the program, tell us your preferred method of communication so that we can get in touch with you throughout the recruitment process. Please contact Akanksha Joshi by email adjustments@peterberry.com.au.