In the NSW public sector, we value diversity of experience. Our staff come from all different backgrounds and bring with them skills that make NSW a better place to live and work.

There are resources and programs that specifically support former defense personnel to find the right role in the public sector.

Veterans Employment Program

The Veterans Employment Program (VEP) is overseen by the NSW Office for Veterans Affairs. It supports former Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel through:

  • The Rank to Grade guide which maps all ADF ranks against the NSW Government Capability Framework
  • The capability definition tool which helps map skill sets against government criteria
  • The Veterans Employment Workshop is a two day workshop designed to explain the public sector job application process, from job search through to interview

If you are a veteran you can reach out to the Veterans Employment team and follow them on Facebook for the latest opportunities.

For more information visit the VEP website or contact the VEP team on 1300 838 233 and

TAFE NSW Ranks to Recognition

TAFE NSW offers veterans customised careers advice, counselling, skills assessment, recognition of prior learning (RPL) and training gap analysis to help identify the skills and knowledge acquired in the ADF through their Ranks to Recognition program.

Find out more about the TAFE NSW Ranks to Recognition program online.

VET Skills – Department of Education

A program for fee-free training for all veterans and their recognised partners to enable them to learn new skills and gain qualifications to find the right job and have a rewarding civilian life.

Find out more about the training available for veterans online.


Veteran transition stories

Hear from veterans who are now working in the NSW public sector.